5 best advises for a healthy relationship

As humans, we are bound to make relationships in our lives. Most of the time, intentional and there may be instances where you get into unintentional bonds too. It doesn’t matter how you commit to a relationship, but how you shape your love to last for a lifetime is essential. Falling in love is easy, but maintaining takes some effort. Try these “5 best advises for a healthy relationship” for a dependable and long-lasting love.


1. Active Listening

The base for almost every conflict between the couples is because of the lack of listening. We tend to focus only on what we have to say or only on our take on matters. You must know what is on the other side of the coin to make wise and workable decisions. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep your mouth shut all the while.

“Active listening” is not only listening to your partner; it is asking questions, getting their ideas, adding value to their concepts, expressing your point of view on matters likewise. Active listening is excellent communication between you two.

Another important fact is, there is a time for everything. For example, it might not be possible to actively listen to your partner while you are concentrating on something else. Those scenarios are inevitable, but make sure you allocate time as soon as possible to listen to what your partner had to say else he or she will get a feeling of isolation, which won’t do any good in the long run. On the opposite side, you must understand when is the ideal time to express your idea to your partner.

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2. Understanding

You are setting yourself up for despair if you anticipate 100% every time from your relationship or your partner. You both should make sure that there is a fair exchange. Understanding who your partner is essential, and it is something you must figure out at the very beginning of your relationship.

Tell your partner what your likes, dislikes are, what you expect from them, how you wish to shape your bond and stuff. Don’t let them guessing as it will lead to disappointments, and all your efforts can go in vain. Let them the freedom they expect, don’t be a burden to their lives but a help.

On the flip side, your partner may not tell what they need or expect from you, but they will hint you, may give non-verbal cues. So having a sense of your partner’s body language is important. Yes, you are not a mind reader, but if you have to explore your spouse. You must know which way the wind is blowing!


3. Physical affection

One might say sex. Yes, having a quality sexual relationship with your better half is essential for a healthy relationship, but it is not the sex all the time. It is just not about orgasms. It is a sensation, an emotional bond.

Think how many times you kiss your partner in a day? How many times do you hug? Probably far less than what you used to do at the beginning of your love, right? It is human nature to lose affection once we own what we desired. Most of the time, people become increasingly shy with the partner and hides their emotions and forget to keep things “hot.” You both should have a mutual understanding of the needs and should wipe the shy factor away.

You must add certain practices into the day to life activities to keep your relationship in a romantic way. This will help you to remain engaged, sexy, and more vibrant.

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4. Conflict handling

There is a thing called “The Four Horseman,” which elaborates on Criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. According to researchers, these are the factors to decide whether the couple is going to live together or get separated.

The way you bring up the conflicts into the table decides how the conversation will go forward as well as the relationship. As described earlier, active listening helps in these situations too. It might be challenging to remain calm, but your approach towards the issues decides the fate of your relationship over time.

If you tend to hurt the vulnerabilities of your spouse over tiny issues, you will regret your words and actions sooner rather than later. Remember, conflicts are not unique only for your relationship as we are not living in a perfect world. Say sorry in a way to convince your better half that you have understood your actions hurt the feelings, regardless the wrongdoing is intentional or not.

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5. Ups and downs

Life won’t be a smooth journey all the time. You are going to face problems along the route, some of them may relate directly to your relationship like financial issues, raising children, deaths of close family members. Some may be personal such as job loss, health issues, and other stress factors.

Regardless of the matter, it would be best if you did not take it out on your spouse. When we are coping with an issue, we tend to release the stress over our partner. This is horrible and adds poison to the bond. Look out for other ways to deal with your frustration.

Remember, you both are a team, don’t make or force decisions individually. Discuss the issues and make combined decisions as most of the time you won’t make correct calls when in a mess. Seek for outside help if you feel the matters are worsening. Visit a “couple therapy” or consider talking with a religious figure. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as protecting your love is important than anything.

never give up

These are our 5 best advises for a healthy relationship, and we know you care about your love, let us know your incredible story and reveal it to the world by commenting below.  

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